People = Pussies

i can’t believe it! what really drives me mad these days, is that people are not able to go through a confrontation. i know what i am talking about, because i was a pussy back then too. i always tried to avoid fights and quarrels.

what happens next is that you are frustrated because you did not say all the words you wanted to – no! you discuss shit with your friends afterwards, bombing them with your negative emo-bullshit.

and maybe one day you will explode after avoiding the 100th discussion. great. i want you to explode now! to say what’s on your mind! because if you don’t to – I DO! i don’t avoid confrontations anymore. it takes you nowhere swallowing all your anger!


what’s new pussycat?

it’s been three days. i decided NOT to make a post everyday. not to keep you from seeing all my work, but to provide BETTER content. i DO have a lot to say, but not everything has to make it’s way to le web.

i draw a lot right now. in color, but it’s monochrome. i LOVE light blue or more precisely light teal. i’ve been told it’s called “aqua”, but who am i to know.. i just draw!

aaand i decided to switch to english. it’s not the language i prefer, but since most parts of the world understand it, it just makes more sense, since i want to be understood by everyone. obwohl deutsch – samma uns ehrlich – v√ľ leiwander is ūüėČ