People = Pussies

i can’t believe it! what really drives me mad these days, is that people are not able to go through a confrontation. i know what i am talking about, because i was a pussy back then too. i always tried to avoid fights and quarrels.

what happens next is that you are frustrated because you did not say all the words you wanted to – no! you discuss shit with your friends afterwards, bombing them with your negative emo-bullshit.

and maybe one day you will explode after avoiding the 100th discussion. great. i want you to explode now! to say what’s on your mind! because if you don’t to – I DO! i don’t avoid confrontations anymore. it takes you nowhere swallowing all your anger!


Wenn sich der Weg gabelt..

..wo geht man dann hin? Der eine Weg sehr undeutlich, waghalsig und ungewöhnlich. Der zweite Weg klar, definiert, vernünftig.. aber fad. Folge Deinem Herzen, heisst es immer. Der Verstand weiß es besser. Arschloch-Verstand!

Wofür entscheidest Du Dich?